About St Paul's

At St Paul's we gather for worship on Sundays, and also have regular activities, and other events throughout the week. Please see our accessibility section for access information. 

We are a diverse, and inclusive community, and all are very welcome. 

In our church hall we have a community kitchen every Tuesday and Wednesday from 11am-2pm, in partnership with L'Arche, and the Fallowfield and Withington Foodbank. This is a place to eat, meet, and make new friends. You can find the menu here

You can learn about our Church History here. For details of baptisms or weddings that have taken place in the parish, please refer to the family history section. To find out about our 175th anniversary churchyard project, visit adopt a grave

You can find us on both Facebook, and Twitter.  

Below are some 360 degree pictures of the inside of our church:


View from just in front of the alter:

Note: there is a little distortion on the above image, there is, in fact a clear pathway right up to the alter from the seats.


View from the narthex, which is the first main room you will enter from the main entrance:


Note: the above is where we have our refreshments after the service.


View of the side chapel (a smaller chapel with its own alter, often used in evening and early morning services when there are less people attending):


Note: to get to the side chapel, you should walk into the main bit of church, and then go down the right hand side as you face the front, until you see the side chapel in front of you.